A Locals Advice: The Best Destin Experience

The 5 Ride


A Locals Advice: The Best Destin Experience

The 5 Ride wants to help you have the best experience possible while on vacation in the Destin, Miramar area. These are our recommendations to finding hidden gems in our local area.

Crab Island

Getting to Crab Island isn’t always the easiest task. In peak season getting a rental or a ride can be a gamble if not booked in advance. We have broken down most of what you need to do to be prepared for your crab island trip into a few simple options. 




We suggest booking a reservation with a boat taxi/cruise or renting a pontoon ahead of time. If you have a DD over the age of 45 you will not have to get a boaters license when operating a pontoon. The 5 Ride can carry up to 13 people per van. If you want space for coolers and floats we can carry 10 people. Getting a ride for the whole group to the location of your pontoon is one of the most convenient services in the destin area. No need for big rental van (if you can find one) no need to park, no need to worry. 

Water taxi

If you don’t have a designated driver for the pontoon boat there is still a way to get out to crab island in style. The water taxis have platforms out on crab island and will take your group out to crab island for a set period of time. Once out there you are free to keep your stuff on the platform as you explore crab island during the duration of your time. The 5 Ride can make it possible for no one in your group to have to drive during the entire experience. Once we drop you off at the water taxi we will have a scheduled time to come back to get you when the water taxi returns with your group. 




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